It's Clari bitch.♡

my name is clarissa, people call me clari. i am 17 years young. im a senior. im single. ;p i enjoy to party and dance my little ass off♡

Single bitch.

i hate being single. 

i want a cute guy to come sweep me off my feet, 

take me out to peter pipers,

take me to get ice cream.

NO, i do not want to go back to your hose to “chill”

you are a 17-20 year old BOY i KNOW what you want to do and im not up for that.

where are the good guys in this world. :(

-forever alone.


How To Make Your Own Nail Polish - in any color!

  1. Use a butter knife to scrape eyeshadow out of its container (You can use old/cheap eyeshadow) and crush it up on a piece of paper so that it’s in a powder consistency
  2. Using a bottle of clear nail polish, roll your paper into the shape of a funnel and add the eyeshadow into the bottle. You might want to empty some of the clear nail polish out before so it doesn’t overflow (or use nail polish that’s opened already)
  3. Use a toothpick to mix up the color into the bottle. Shake until all the powder is evenly distributed.
  4. Paint your nails!

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